Arabs contribution to Swahili

Our great African language borrowed so many words from the mother tongue of @Bingwa Scrotum :
Arabic words in Swahii are quite many. Actually the language could easily pass off as more of a Semitic language rather than a Bantu one.

Haziko that much, only 30% of the words are loan words, na sio Arabic pekee, it also has Persian which Arabic also borrows from, a word like bandari which means port is Persian but Arabic also uses the same

Also borrowed from Portuguese. A word like meza from mesa

where do you get this from? Your saturday’s boredom I guess. Support your claims, otherwise you have said nothing. I could also say swahili has borrowed a lot from German because of the word shule which is schule in German

This is common knowledge

majority are Arabic and Persian

Yes. Lakini kuna kondoo hapa juu inakana Hilo jambo

@ChifuMbitika and @Dyson kiswahili is 80% bantu, arab influence is great but its still less than 15%

Could be more. The basic foundational thread of Swahili is Bantu and Arabic. I have had myself comprehending AfSomal, Urdu and Hebrew because of the Arabic foundation in Swahili. Words like kutub (kitabu) is in Urdu and AfSomal, Ubah (ah beautiful Ubah Ogadeni gal. The memories!) is Ua (flower) in AfSomal

Ferrk you know everything my guy…

Wacha kuniita kondoo ng’ombe wewe. Yes, some nouns and verbs are admixture of bantu and arabic but everything about swahili is bantu. The intonation of consonants followed by vowels and the formation of plurals is entirely bantu. The old history of ‘‘Ludwig Crapf discovered mt. Kenya’’ should not be propagated by the 21st century full blooded black people

Mbona unanitusi mimi sijakuita

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pole mister, I intended to quote that wanna be birrionaire hapo juu

kitab is Arabic bana, books were being made in the Arab World since the times of ancient Egypt who made books from papyrus reeds, the ancestors of the Urdu speaking people probably got their book making technology from nearby china

That’s exactly what I meant. Read again polepole

Niaje mzito…

so you meant kitu ndio Urdu?

Soma vizuri papa. I meant kutub, an error since corrected. It is in Urdu and AfSomal. Wacha nikusaidie, I said that the Arabic roots in Swahili have on some occasions enabled me to comprehend Urdu and AfSomal

Safi mzito mwenzangu