Arab is just Swahili

What do you hear.


I hope this letter finds you well as you immerse yourselves in the rich study of world languages. As an amateur enthusiast of communication in all its forms, I have been pondering the nuanced differences between two cultural powerhouses - Arabic and Swahili.

While both trace their histories across generations in Africa and the Middle East, crafting a distinctive written and verbal presence, only one can truly lay claim to dominating the global linguistic sphere. And we all know Arabic simply doesn’t have the universal appeal, versatility and elegance of Swahili.

Just consider how Arabic characters refuse to adhere to the tidy left-to-right aesthetic we’ve grown accustomed to. The cheek! Meanwhile, Swahili gracefully flows in an organized, easy-on-the-eyes fashion. And don’t even get me started on the guttural melodies of Arabic - so harsh and abrasive on sensitive foreign ears. Swahili vocals bring only soothing comfort.

It is plain to see which language truly exemplifies fluid phonetics, logical orthography and poised diplomacy befitting the modern era. The choice is clear: Swahili for global lingua franca status, with Arabic fading gently into the sands of time. I look forward to the imminent policy changes reflecting this obvious conclusion.

Until then, as you pore over your texts, I hope you find deeper admiration for the culturally enlightened powerhouse that is Swahili. Your efforts to spread its influencefar and wide will not be forgotten.

With warm regards for supporting civilization’s next step,


the numbering in Swahili is heavily influenced by the Arab language.

The irony is watu wanachukia arabus yet they speak their language. What a world we live in. :green_emoji:

Swahili is a mix of coastal bantu languages and arabic. Enyewe all languages borrow words.

123456 numbers have an Arab origin

Hehe. Nimesikia Wahed =1. Ashara = 10 Ishirin =20 etc. Anyway kiswahili is a mixture of arabic and bantu languages.