Arab Female converted ..then missing

I stumbled upon a news piece on NTV about an Arab of Somali origin …female …who is a high school student …Muslim …got converted to Owuor’s church then disappeared from home

The girl was spotted with a female teacher and when the latter was asked ametoa wapi muarabu akasema huyo mtoi ni orphan

Now, the teacher is missing and the girl too

Teacher amehepa

So ukiona any Arab female with a African female all hideous …please inbox

Help bring the girl home

I knew this handle belonged to Bingwa group of handles …just look at the profile pic

Arab of Somali origin :smiley:

If you ever see the word Arab in a post, 97% chance that post is from yours truthfully @Bingwa Scrotum IV .


aliiona news n u may think ni wa kwao wacha msichana aish

I thought hakuna kutoka uislamuni

Wacheni msichana afunzwe na ulimwengu. If the parents/guardians were good enough this won’t be happening in the first place