Aptitude Tests

Hi distinguished members,
My Engineer friend works in a Govt Parastatal (intern), in their organization they advertised for internal recruitment,luckily the guy has been shortlisted to attend an aptitude test, He called me asking for assistance,Unfortunately I work in the Private sector which it is completely different, I might be of little help to him.

Guys you know becoming a civil servant in Kenya is simply forgetting what poverty is all about.

Any assistance on where to get useful materials on the same will be highly appreciated, those who have attended such interviews please give the necessary tips

Kuna many apps playstore. Sakanya tu.

aende tu free style

The guys who shortlisted ( the employers), should take care of it. Search online how an aptitude test works to familiarize yourself.

That is too erratic mheshimiwa

Ziko mingi online especially YouTube. Azipitie pale halafu mimi pia naomba hio konekshen ya kuhepa poverty kama Engineer

No specific tactic, is just by luck and fortune

Ka ni Govt Parastatal aptitude tests ni zenye ziko tu online,

Ni mingi,Google is your friend

my advice though Time factor is very important
kune yenye nilienda n it got like 100 questions with only hour n a half some very easy others very hard
he should solve the easy ones first before embarking on the hard ones ikimshinda move on as fast as you can… its all about time.u cant get them all right but you can get most of them right

Ni ile parastatal ya barabara?