APTC pass out parade

I understand its going down tomorrow at their Embakasi base along the Eastern bypass. That means that that section of the road will be CRAAZY! Mats from shags will block this road as they jostle for packing spaces.
Relatives from shags will get disoriented and forget where their vehicle was packed hence the will head towards the opposite directions. As they frantically try to call other villagemates to get directions, they jam the network or that particular cell.
As they start moving and looking for one another, more confusion and chaos ensure.
Traffic becomes a nightmare as police give priority to VIPs.
Woe unto you if you happen to be on that road.
Those who use it, try as much as possible to avoid this section.

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I happened to be on that road last year the day it was happening. It was like 7:30am and the traffic was building up. It took 30mins to pita that stretch of utawala. Cars parked over the place…by 9am i heard on radio that the traffic there was at a standstill.
Tomorrow is definitely a day not to use that bypass

Look on the other side; photographers, hawkers and small time businessmen will make a killing that day, watu watakula nyama hiyo siku. Perekeni million zenu, magari zenu na ujinga yenu garden city and let people survive @ktalk millionaires. Sirry!!!


Hawker detected


I was there when Murungaru was Internal Security minister…wuuueh sema grand entrance na exit kama ya President with a thousand chase cars…

hehehe. by the way nimepita hapo na ma hawkers wasaajiseti, Watakesha hapo.