Approaching 30 and Panicky/anxious as Fuck

Hehehe a very interesting way of looking for a wife…100 women na hujawai pata STIs?

Soul ties za madem 100 zitamalisa wewe

Am an expert & a philosopher in this filed.
For a newbie like you its Suicidal and Homicide!

Hiii thread was floated a few months ago, @Ice_Cube pea sisi Rink

mimi nitaoa nikifikisha 40 , ama pia nikae

pengine niafute katoi kamoja kawe mrithi

I’m in almost the same situation, but I will NEVER wife a kunguru or a single mother. Siku hizi ni kama hakuna specimen mzuri kwa market.

Bado naweza decide kukuwa tu na baby mamas kadhaa wenye nimepea tu ball bila kuingia marriage.

hehehehehe at around 27 28 singo mum kanidanganya, oh tutiana bile ndishken, since she also does contraceptives na aisulu CD zimepasuka mara nyingi na pia mimi nataka dry fry, Eish Mimba, Usitake kuona wild boy Colombo akitoa vita juu ya uchinga ndogo ndogo, pigwa mpaka yellow yellow igeuke purple na ajifunike shuka uso mzima, karibu nifungwe, 2nd one, utoto nyingi mpaka nika demand ID n clearly told her your door pass to the house will be you ID, kama hakuna fuck off, Third one ndrama mpaka kwa chief, na bado husumbua mpaka my dad, bado nimeamua kutulia na niko newly 36, so buda chukua mtu umejua u can chill with.

Don’t ask. This village is full of Alpha E-Males.

men age like wine, women age like milk. you are just at your prime, wacha kujistress

wewe unasema nini kusema ukweli?/?/?/?

please click edit button, breath in and out three times, relax and type in a language we will understand.

OP, you’re too young to be whining about marriage. After all you’re a man for goodness sake, you have no biological clock. Now what will my 36 year old single girlfriends say?

So ulipeana mimba alafu ukaruka na bado ukamchapa? Si ati kuna mtu alikulazimisha uende dry fry.

Anyway, let me not judge. Ata mimi kuna singo matha nliona anataka nimpatie ball ya accident ndio anifunge kama kuku.

so real and relatable.hizi vitu hazitakangi mbio.ziujileta tu,na nimekuja kujua hakuna kitu mbaya kama kuishi na mtu hhauko sure you would want to spend the rest of your life with.utachoka tu one day.and it will be too late with more harm

Siku ruka mimba, Baada ya kuniwekelea trap, she started feeling entitled and being too possessive yet we had reached an agreement, so now had to deal with her since i was being pushed too much.

I can only sympathize with them though they likely rejected so many guys who were not yet ‘made’ during their prime .

There are lots of 22 and 23 year olds that want to find a life long partner. Na hao wako within your defined cohort.

This one has a biological clock and maybe he wears bras & does manicure & p**sy waxing :mad::mad::mad::mad:…ANYWAYS …if inakustress , get a spouse quickly …loneliness will kill you faster than cancer … men , don’t make good dependable friends unless they are childhood buddies …
@Tyler Boy at your age… you are doing great , women shouldn’t bother you…the beautiful ones are not yet born , ngoja 18 years to bag them … :p:p:D:D:D

Wrong move! Hapo kwa adventure group ni single kungurus zimejaa prolly looking for sponsors but no one to settle down with. Been there seen it all. Plus in those adventures lots of random sex takes place on a frequent basis, those are adventure seekers. My suggestion would be to look for professions that harbour wife makers, teachers, nurses etc. Visit a college make friends with one of the insiders, a casual relationship. The insider will serve as the wingman to happily ever after. Hii usikimbie korti kupinga

professions that harbour wife makers, teachers, nurses HEEE, na ni UKWELI MTUPU, very discipline