Approaching 30 and Panicky/anxious as Fuck

I turned 29 last month and now I know very well that 30 is just around the corner. I am still unmarried, childless and sometimes mild loneliness/depression attacks me at 3. AM in the morning. All of my ex gfs from campus and later are either married or single mothers.

Note that I have no shortage of girls for simple weekend flings or that occasional shag etc ( pesa kwangu sio shida,i am doing better than most of my peers ) However, I have noticed that as I am getting older it’s becoming harder to land a wife material or a good girl for a long term relationship. My fellow single men between 28 and 35, who else has noticed this? It is either you come across a mature single mother with loads of emotional and physical baggage or a very immature pretty young thing who think life revolves around instagram likes, random clubbing and snapchat. Halafu unlike in my early 20s,the thrill of chasing new pusy no longer excites me. Naeza chukua number ya dem leo na nikae at miezi tatu before even vibing her.

Boychildren, how u guys handling it? Sikuwa nadhani naeza oa single mother, but at this rate ni kama i won’t have the luxury of choice in a few years.

One question. which is the maximum age gap that you would consider acceptable for a spouse?

Im 35 na sisumbui.

FIRST; priss tema hio mate.
Secondly: there are so many women out there ready for serious relationship. Probably you are looking for them in the wrong places. If you have a degree just enroll for masters, frequent the library and Sunday services in your campus. Target undergraduate students. Other scenarios can be joining an adventure group, visiting shags often, and volunteering.
Thirdly: Don’t panic. You are still young. Otherwise you end up making wrong choice.

Expand your horizon. And remember ni marathon, sio sprint. Why panic on self imposed unrealistic deadlines?

:D:D:D wewe unajua depression ni nini? Ati mild depression strikes me at 3.

life begins at 40

Kumbe wewe huwa mzee hivi?

7 years ndio maximum kwangu,beyond that i dont think we will be operating on the same wavelength

mimi niko @under23 cant relate

How is he wrong??

Because at times wonder how I have been roaming this world for 29 years and i still don’t have a significant other to come home to - or even one or two kids.

Hahahahaha get yourself in shape and make lots of money ,drive a nice car and live in a nice part of town .Wach how them youngins will shamelessly chase you.Only think of marriage when you are 35+.Don’t compare yourself with your mates as there will always be something to depress you.Live your life and run your own race .Life is a marathon not a sprint .Ukiendelea hivyo your life will be like below
-My friends are 35 and they have bought houses in Runda .This is stressing me up
-My friends are taking their kids to international schools and I can only afford a local public school .This is stressing me up
-My friends’ kids got an A and have gotten scholarships to study med/eng abroad .This is stressing me up
-My friends/agemates are driving better cars than me . This is stressing me up

Thanks boss, but those campus chics are mostly very immature,most will just waste your time and money. Hawajui maana ya relationship ninini besides just regular sex and going out.

Spot on!

i love these kinds of answers that come with step by step action points

Spot on. Kwanza hapo kwa adventure group!!! @Tyler Boy do you see those Corsa buses parked outside city market? Saturdays they normally take guys for random trips…The trips are normally not expensive. Go for 2-3 of them then kuja useme kama hautakuwa umespot a beautiful wife material.

You advise people to enrol for masters just to find a woman?

Boss, if only how marriage is stressful hungekua unaomba kupata bibi. At your age, your slate is still very clean, zero kids and no baby mommas. If u have it upto this far, then i dont see why u should saddle yourself with unnecessary baggage just when your life is about to get interesting. Tell u what, get your money right, hit the gym hard and travel the world mpaka kitu 35 to 40 hapo. After that, even if u do get married u wont do it juu uko na pressure from your peers. And remember, unlike women, a man can sire kids even at 60.

Am 31, I have nutted over 100 ladies (My dream was to lay at least a chic from all the 42 tribes,Success rate was 98%).I have met crazy bitches and at the same time wife materials.
Conclusion the more you lay many ladies the more CONFUSED you get,Currently I have given myself a Challenge, February being the shortest month, I should ran it without getting laid.The most severe dry-spell I have experienced is less than 8 days.
I have set myself a target the next four girls I will lay one will become my wife