Appreciating life

I have watched a health documentary about Olga a midwife among thousands of women in Central African Republic which has 70 docs in the whole country. With all the minerals in CAR , bt fighting and war is the order of the day.
Joseph koni of the LRA ,rebel group involved in causing havoc too. So when you go to/ take your spouse to kenyatta,Mp shah nairobi womens or pumwani hospital for childbirth be grateful.Big up Margaret Kenyatta for her work with the mobile clinics.

This mama Africa of ours have a long way to go…
Short video of the documentary


Nimeona Warning graphic video of child birth and bailed out. Initially i thot ni doc ya vita iko upenda ka izo

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It is jst part of the documentary, sijapata the documentary…will post the link nikipata

oooh bt

i have a phobia kuona mwanamke akizaa,hizo madamu aiyayaya…ata ile siku bibi atazalisha ntajipa shugli…siwezi kuwa by her side during Child birth coz if i see it appetite ya sex kwake itaisha

Real life heroes don’t wear capes… I jumped from my chair when the second baby started crying… that kid is a badass.


Me too…and she doesnt have modern equipment for such cases , true hero

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watched another awesome documentary on the same subject but it was in Somalia. It focused a certain retired woman who built a hospital and was training midwives in a place where going to hospital is considered being weak and the general female population is circumcised.

Check YouTube channel ya KTN News. It was aired last night may have already been uploaded. The reporter was some white woman

That’s the thing that makes them stand out… life is really difficult in such remote areas or those that have experienced conflict leading to lack of infrastructure. The most disheartening thing is that this is just the beginning because the quality of postpartum and subsequent care is equally low therefore the chances of those babies not reaching maturity are very high. It’s much easier to experience this on a screen.

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Will search for it

Since most of our leaders n policy makes are from hell…n hungry for power, this may soon not end

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Girl!! Keep off such videos…I’m personally turning a blind eye on this! When my time comes I expect my body to do what it was meant to do…

It was a program on hardships of this women

Leave alone women, I never bear watching animals give birth on Nat Geo or anywhere else. I hastily change channels when I see such stuff.

HehHehe huwezi kua muoga hivyo

Watched it too. Should be the one that came after Olivia Wilde’s Kibera tour, right?

I had a clip of an African american woman who delivered by herself, standing. Niki ipata nitakuwekea :D:D:D. She made it look so easy…