Appointment of new CJ..Is it a new dawn to LGBTQs?

My i first take the earliest opportunity to congratulate the David Maraga for his appointment to the Chief Justice position. The CJ post is one of the most powerful offices in most commonwealth nations. Infact, the CJ position plays an instrumental role in the political stability of a country. But im not going to indulge on neither the political nor economic aspect but rather the social aspect.
Well, a couple of years back when his predecessor was appointed to the post, romour had it he was gay. TBH i was very happy with his appointment. But our joy as a community was short-lived when he announced his early retirement from the office…Though during his tenure men and women alike who believe in tbe recognition of the community came out in troves as he supported and embraced the community. Infact, it is during Mutunga tenure that we saw the registration of Gay and Lesbian societies, Gala nights hosted by the community demonstrations etc
Now, back to Maraga, i dont know much about this fellow apart from he was the presiding judge during obados petition case in kisumu high court…
To the political pundits i pose this question… Will the LGBTQ community be given the respect they deserve under his tenure? Which school of thought does he belong to in matters regarding to LGBTQs? Is he really ready to fit into the big shoes left by his predecessor? Will he cont with the steps Mutunga commenced in advocating for the rights of this prestigious community?
Did you know in a recent publication by the Economist assert that countries that have legalised homosexuality experience 5 times growth rate than their counterparts?
Did you the know in a recent survey by American Association of Psychology estimates that 4 out of 6 people are homosexual…the journal goes further saying most developed economies on the globe are purely a product of intwrgrating gays into the community?

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