apple shafting their consumers hkm

The National goes undercover to investigate some of Apple’s controversial business practices including allegations of overpriced repair charges and the battery/slowdown scandal.

They didnt have to. It’s an open secret.

Americans know no other brand apart from Apple, wacha wakulwe kabisa.

lakini of late naona their blogs are heaping more praises on Microsoft’s Surface Lineup

An open secret that US media are too timid to report that it took a canadian media house to expose.

I knew America is apples bitch when I heard Joe rogan talk about apple vs android… This the nigga who hade Dail up net playing quake and was at the fore front of tech shit… Saying this dumb shit…

This was sad… And I ducks with both of them but shit they sound stupid as fuck

Tesla is also doing the same shit…

Apple is overrated. So many have stood by Apple blindly. There are so many options around and you don’t even have to break your bank.

My IQ reduced after watching that