Apple Bottom 52

Classic Good Booty … :D:D








Nitakufa na kunyonga bro aaiii!!!;

Hii naingia mkia. Nalipa 150

Anakaa kama analazimishwa. Huyu ni singo matha haikosi

She is kenyan version of Maami Igbagbo.


Alikuwa ana act porn …channel yake pornhub ni gani,haezi kosa

Connoisseur kweli

She is the Hottest Kenyan Pornstar … :D:D



Where did she disappear to? She closed her SM accounts

24 years old beauty with a 52 inch Ass …
The most successful online Kenyan Pornstar …



All she did was block Kenyan IP addresses access to her Xvideos account …
( …those of you Tech savvy in here KNOW how to bypass that block … :D:D )

Smart Girl …

Tuletee mfano wa uigizaji wake.

Hapo … :D:D


I access her thru vpns but even the xvids account was deleted,or which handle does she use?

Thank me later … :smiley: