Apostle Ng'ang'a Hawezi Kupa Kidney Yake

Na hana haja na yako, mlafi wewe.


I agree with ng’ang’a. Take care of your health

Did he just say “wewe umekula yako”?

i like this church guy,he has no filter in his words,he says it as it is

I also used to wonder why people keep going to his church despite his many “skandols”. Now I see the appeal.

Probably translated from vernacular :D:D:D

:D:D:D watch out for the cow’s head. Itakula kidney

I dont get it if you’re throwing jabs at me ama ni vipi,dont cofuse me with brainwashed church folks,there is nothing appealing in worshipping imaginery sheet. What i mean is ,Ng’ang’a doesn’t give two sheets even with skandols,his skin is thick

Making a lot of sense. He is a wise Pastor

Ntv should pull the plug on churchill & replace with this bugger …this is far better comedy:D

Pewa konyagi kwa bill yangu

Stop being paranoid ghaseer hii. I’m just saying I understand why he pulls crowds even though under nomo circumstances he should be losing congregants due to his we’ll publicized antics.

jaribu kuongea kama mtu mzima time zake

Him and another one called Man Kush are funny pastors.

Sawa kiongoss. Makosa imefanyika.