Apostle complains

One hour ni ya kutoa sadaka the con can’t even sanitise his greed by saying one hour ni ya sermon,and am sure the masses wil be there with their money expecting miracles which disappeared with disciples

Achana na mkubwa kabisaa…concentrate on building yourself

Who told you I have not build myself nigga?

Never quote a parody account from Twitter. That’s too low


These regulations (mitigation measures) cannot not be enforced and will depend on the goodwill of religious leaders and common sense of the public. This is why they will not work.

It takes a very weak logic threshold to believe parodies.

It’s a parody account but the guy uses Pastor Ng’ang’a’s real phone number for mpesa to confuse people. Or maybe he just shares the same names with the real James Ng’ang’a.

Shares three names? What are the odds.

:D:D His mpesa only shows 2 names so a coincidence is possible even though unlikely.

tf does this have to do with s3x and relationships?

He just posted it in S3x and relationships @Irregardless

:D:DMaliza ghassia



Nyasaye konya!!

Heri yeye husema ukweli.The others pretend to be holier but they are after the same thing.

Achana na maisha ya wengine basi na kuwa mdaku kama wamama…it will never help you, especially a fellow man with a dick like you

Wewe ni mbuzi tu ,this world we must assess anyone ata Kama ni nani,is he ur boyfriend?

Uko na kitu kwa kichwa boss?