Apology to Mr Uhuru Kenyatta


I owe “President” Uhuru Kenyatta a personal apology and I think most of you “Kenyans” do.
For years, I have blamed President Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee government for the high unemployment rates we have in kenya; the high inflation we see in kenya; the stagnant economy; the poor roads and schools; the suffering women and men, toiling in the sun, hawking their merchandise and struggling to make ends meet; the Kenyans dying from hunger and malnutrition; the few and poor equipped & stocked dispensaries.

Folks, after being directed to a website by David Maina Ndung’u, highlighting the success of Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee, I must say I am sorry Mr. President.

With my own eyes, I have seen the Digital Zootopian Republic of Kenya, led by one, President Uhuru Kenyatta.
Folks, going by the pictures and videos on that website, it is a country of wonders whose streets are covered in gold, only comparable to the Heavenly Jerusalem.

In that Zootopian Republic of Kenya, their economy is growing at 20%; every home is connected to electricity; there is no hunger or food shortage, thanks to Gallana irrigation project; parents don’t pay fees in that country; Primary, secondary, and college education is free; all graduates have jobs; they have 92 fully equipped hospitals, staffed with Doctors from Tanzania, that can treat any disease known to mankind; all its citizens have mansions; there is no corruption or theft of public funds; transportation is by a bullet train cruising on their state of the art SGR; Sugar factories and other processing plants run 24/7; inflation is zero; and it’s people get free food and supplies; its people pay no taxes.

In that Zootopian Republic of Kenya, everyday is a Jubilee.
Mr. Dennis Itumbi, how do we get to this republic, you guys at the statehouse so eloquently described online? This country of bliss and blessings, where there is no suffering or hardship.

Us, who have lived in abject poverty; our officers living in dilapidated houses; our youths having no jobs; our men and men, toiling in the sun to pay taxes that those in government steal; us with schools without furniture and failing structures; us suffering higher inflation and an unemployment rate of 67%; us whose citizens die of hunger, drought and malnutrition; us whose leaders seek medical treatment abroad in countries like Turkey or South Africa. How do we get to move to this Zootopian Republic of Kenya headed by President Uhuru Kenyatta?

We are tired of our corrupt leaders, who steal even from the sick. We are tired of our leaders who use billions of shillings to buy blankets for statehouse as our comrades die from starvation. We are tired of seeing our women and men loose their live to treatable diseases as our leaders use our taxes to campaign for AU chair.

We either need to replace our leaders on 8/8/17 or all move to this Zootopian Republic of Kenya, whose streets are paved with gold, where there is no pain or suffering, a city where there is no darkness due to power blackouts, in which none is crying because of heartaches, and a city where there is no struggle, Just JUBILATION!!!

Me and many Kenyans await your answers Mr. Dennis Itumbi. In the meantime, pass our apologies to President Uhuru Kenyatta, leader of the Zootopian Republic of Kenya. We hope to join his country soon.

Jubilee is the only known government in the whole universe, whose development is only seen online. Nothing on the ground. All of us must transform ourselves to digital zombies to experience their transformation.


Dim eyed reasoning, you have to be a complete A-hole to say that the Jubilee government has not initiated any development projects. Just coz baba says the govt has not initiated any development projects, his brainless zombies of supporters will concur with the madman’s view, siku moja atawaambia supporters wake kuwa mama zao ni Malaya the dimwits watasema, ndio, ni ukweli.


Wake up and wash your eyes ! Avoid the prime comedian



One would have to be blind , deaf, dumb and living in Pluto not to see what Kamwana has done in the four years. This desperately futile and stupid “clever” attempt to discredit The president is so stale, pigs would ask for Mursik to wash it down. This here represents one of the worst Satires I ever read… And I have read many. The Author, in my opinion, is a dolt


Complete and utter stupidity, I tell you.


U(s)amaki Defence Forces coming to strike the enemy.


what is a zootopia. what have I just read. Is that the kind of professionalism taught in mud classrooms? who is expected to digest such garbage in the name of an article


Why don’t you also admit that the government has failed in most areas






You will digest it to help your marasmus legs

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Stopped reading after the 1st paragraph.
Pile of dog crap.

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Hii strategy haiwesmake, the same was said of Kibaki until he left sasa ata NASA are singing the old man’s praises saying he did a grear job and Jubilee are only continuing what he started, the neutrals will favour Uhuru for another 5 years, hio time infrastructure-wise we will be in a whole new level but management-wise we will be in huge debts and a stuttering economy needing a stable hand, hapo ndio Ruto will lose it.

NASA should position themselves as better managers without shelving infrastructure development plans, Baba angekua anasema “kilomita elfu saba ni kidogo sana, sisi tutajenga kilomita elfukumi na nne!!”


an attempt at sounding clever…only it falls flat…


Stupidity written to read like a satirical piece. At the end i felt my brain cells die

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My main worry dpr .ke, how things will be when the Rift Valley Mafia will occupy the corridors of power. Our brothers left a legacy of running everything to the ground.