Apology from Uhuru

The government of Kenya would like to send their heart felt condolences to the Patel family for their hefty losses. It should be noted that losses of investment to the magnitude of a 78 million litres dam is no small fete and for this, the president and his deputy would like to ensure Mr. Patel and Co. That measures to ensure that their wealth and the wealth of all other investors is secured. The president advises investors to ensure that they have insured all their properties against unforeseeable happenings such as this.
Speaking to the media at state house Nairobi, His excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the republic of Well off Kenyans, expressed his displeasure at the Water Resources Management Board for not warning Mr. Patel conclusively of such impending danger to his investments especially his greenhouses most of which were destroyed in the floods.
A task force consisting of members from both houses will be set up by the president and will sit at Sarova hotel in Nakuru and will meet one from the Environment ministry at Merica Hotel to finalize their report which will be delivered in 2 years time to a committee at the Great rift lodge.
“We want to ensure all foreign investors that this was an exceptional case and contrary to busy body claims, my government disaster management teams are always well armed and alert. Do not be afraid to support us as we pursue our big four agenda in pursuit of the vision 2030”, the president finished.
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This is a very grave matter to joke about.

Seriously what about the people who lost their lives? and the peasants who lost the little they had