Apart from sex

Is there other ways one can satisfy his/her sexual moods bila like kudinyana or vice-versa? Excluding na toys and kunyonga? Nini ingine huwa tamu kuliko ikus au close? Am asking coz am wonna explore more as in life ni moja and gotta live like its the finale… i have done it all you name it… ady wet dreams nmemaliza zote?? Is there anyone with new tactics??

-Armpit sex
-boob fvck
-Mutual masturbation


Interesting… ok how does one go about this?? Boob fuck sounds awesome… Armpit sounds dont-ing

You should definitely try entanglements with the 72 heavenly virgins…
I understand the experience is out of this World.

Look for a man to do anal to you

How did you become an elder

Have you tried female robots

It’s vanity of vanities - a chase after the wind.

That am through with… its not the best to be honest heri dem

@uwesmake alishinda akinitusi everytime, I got more replies from him thereby I became an elder

Female robots ni zipi? Enlighten me pls

Ata mm sijui… I didn’t want to be fyi. How did u become one?

Sounds cool… I will chase the wind leo jioni and see if i will be sexually satisfied then ntakuambia

Hehe… just saw them being discussed online. Try researching about them and experience them & come tell us more

Thisnis it Mosa…go for a prostarate massage…utamwaga litres and litres…feeling is out of this world

Its like detox.

“Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy” - Hail Mary, 2pac.


Imagine an idea very intensely and using your willpower give life into the idea. Very satisfying.