Apana tambua Muslim sensibilities : Danish politician burns the Quran outside Turkish embassy


Salman Rushdie II in the making.

Dead man walking.

Nationalists pushing back on the gradual return of The Moors.

I give him one month. With the advent of social media , some Ayatollah doesn’t have to declare war on this racist.
Every Muslim will be looking for an opportunity to decapitate him.


Muslims are not a race

Who said they are a race?

You just called him racist then you ask this?

Vikings wamechoka na cultural enrichment ya waarabu

Viking hana uoga ya kwenda Valhalla. @Binjwa Scrotum is seething with rage right now. Anaskia kulipuka

Look at the tweet. It calls him Danish racist politician.

So because MSM calls him racist we should regurgitate that without any factual basis?

Acha tuskia kumelipuka huko sasa tuone nani ndio mjeuri.

muslems literally burn negros … but burning a dumb book is worse:D:D


I remember watching the actual thing on some gore website, regrettably I should add. It really messed me up but I went on a journey of learning Islam…Why do Muslims behave the way they do? I then discovered that allah is not God but the opposite of what is the Eternal Light, Love and Beauty. Muslims worship something dark which explains the proclivity to violence. Let me tell you what. You can call me crazy if you want but I can’t shut up about it. After the rapture has happened, these Muslims will have a leader called the imam Mahdi and he will force everyone left behind into Islam and those who refuse to take the shahada mark of the beast will be decapitated. That’s written in the book of Revelation and the Qu’ran. The signs of a take over are already there. Look around you, these people are everywhere you look, waiting……for the mahdi.

We haven’t forgotten that the entrance of both christianity and islam introduced slavery to the inhabitants of the soon to be Kenyan people, with rhetoric, vaccines, gun points etc the agents of fear and discord spread like a plague eradicating a people too kind to realize that the error of their naivety.

A retarded philosophy that encourages servitude and praises it as a virtue was imposed upon the children as the best reciters received a piece of chicken or biscuit for abandoning their fathers ways.

We understand you have an assignment to paint christianity as the next best thing since/before ribbed condoms, but try to do it a compelling way. You have spread fear to keep the flock in line for centuries…not anymore, people are waking up and boy are we mad at your hymns.

Gatemanwo crusaders and vikings descendants hapana tambua allachieth. Hao arabe watakimbizwa Hadi the gulf of Arabia.
Watu wakelishe kinyambis kwao.


This has nothing to do with religion. But 844 with worship of face value is legendary.
Bado unatembea na picha ta flyover mfukoni?:smiley:

Endelea kushuta.

One month na hii ni kitu wamekua wakifanya over the years? Upus