Apana Sumbua Dereve Sana


Not good. And the guys back there are laughing.

Popos are tucker tucker in the ordinary mwananchi’s eyes. Hapa ni TOJ.

Labda alikuwa amewazoea.

It is a sad

That’s not a phone… Si wangechukua hiyo pesa. It’s not like he needs it anymore.[ATTACH=full]294589[/ATTACH]

wah ngori…very sad

rest in sh*** policeman… fagha

You’ve stolen the photo elsewhere why not bring the full story as well?

Or maybe after a decent no. of comments you’ll switch to another handle and bring the full details?


He sowed what he reaped. This is the only way effective to win against corruption.

Kwani alikuwa ananyonga monkey.No wonder dere aliona amalize hiyo ghasia

A sad what?

the problem is the machine… it’s about police vs US…

It is a sad thing to happen

My thoughts exactly…at what point do you to get to demand what is in another person’s pocket like it’s yours? And actually believe it and try to enforce it, sasa look at this chap. Corona ndio hiyo, driver hana pesa , your probably charging him for kitu ya upuzi sana kama wrong turn ama crack ya windscreen unadai ma 15k sasa you lose you life…and the case will fall through because of lack of sufficient evidence. Kadere will be driving in a few months if lucky a free man, …at worst he is looking at 10-15 years for reckless driving causing death of a police officer .Hapa hakuna murder case.

Did It occur to you that they could be laughing at the slogan nyuma ya lorry,like ‘washa nduthi kifo chaja’

Did I you have to do this?:smiley: Ama wameandika ‘mnyambo wa punda hauzui chura kunywa maji’.