Apan cheza na AP, i bet slices were involved

Administration Police officer arrested after shooting colleague dead at the Korogocho AP Camp in Nairobi County; probe underway.
Gori image tumebania

Tuwekee ngori images na ueke spoiler

Umewahi sikia kitu inaitwa “spoiler”?


Weka picha bwana vs. You just warn the sissies about the gory images so they keep off

Msijaribu kuweka ngori images hapa tafasal.

this site has become PG-13…wacheni ujinga. if the thing has sufficient warning what is the problem? we are all adults here…except Monoballer who is now a teen since he only has 1/2 the amount of testosterone

Hehehehehehe! Si afanyiwe transplant na jogoo yao?

Fixed. Hiyo nyengine ilienda na bet ya siasa

Wacha mchezo tueke bana

Wee @His Excellency unarandaranda huku ukitafuta picha chafu baadala ya kutunza thread yako ya NASA?

Hehehe sioni watu waki changamka, hii NASA haina mafans… Ningeweka ya Jubilee Sahi tungekua tuna ongelea 1000 comments plus

Why are people obsessed with ngori images

Btw, when it comes to infedility why is it sooooo difficult for men to forgive and peacefully live thereafter? If a wife is adulterous, no easy forgiving but he expect his wife to forgive him when he regularly does it.

Its how you get over your fear of death. The same way Uwes has gotten over his fear of HIV…by contracting all the different types of strains. Huyo ni collector #1

Coz God made Adam first and not Eve.
Sikua na answer ingine lakini vile Umesema ni ukweli

i read somewhere that we are all born with sociopath genes/traits, the only thing that differentiates the sane ones from serial killers is the ability to suppress the sociopathic genes/traits, not sure how true that is but am sure @Luther12 can enlighten us


It’s a holdover from when we were apes. Hebu observe any wild animal except the Bonobo ape ujionee. Male lions almost always kill the cubs of the one they dethrone.

@pamba wekea sisi

Men are meant to be polygamous we therefore have nothing to be forgiven for. This forcing us into monogamous relationships is the problem