AP surrenders - minus the money

smart chap that one, itabidi Deputy Governor akubali hizo mbesha zimeenda ivo tu. Kwanza huyo karao hawezi kosa leverage ya kutumia against the deputy governor, he must know of a few skeletons.

Alikuwa MP ama DG?

Not so smart robbery with violence suspects spends up to 3 years in remand.

The Deputy Governor needs to prove Kipyegon drew his gun and actually threatened to shoot him, kama hakuna witness ama CCTV (I highly doubt any exist) then Kipyegon ako safe.

Hehehehe the deputy governor has to prove nothing, that’s not how the law works in Kenya, its upon the suspect to prove he is innocent.

Things have changed, the DPP will have to show the court Kipyegon drew his gun, threatened the Deputy Governor and grabbed the money and fled with it. Without solid proof such as credible eyewitnesses or CCTV footage then he will have to show Kipyegon has exhibited such behaviour before.

With a decent enough lawyer Kipyegon atachomoka unscathed, na saa hizo hauja factor in possibilty ya Kipyegon revealing some damning secrets which the Deputy wouldnt like becoming public.

Problem is, anaweza ponea kutupwa ndani lakini huyo Deputy Governor ata pull a Jacob Juma/Willy Kimani on him. Hawa wanasiasa HAWAPENDI UMEFFI na hizo pesa za corruption. Una nyamazishwa kama Simu iko silent mode.


That was one smart move, surrendering, otherwise he could get shot. Now its up to gava to prove that he stole the money, and unless he banked it at his Ekwete account, that’ll be damn hard…