AP surrenders - minus the money

[ATTACH=full]62198[/ATTACH] The bodyguard who reportedly robbed Tharaka-Nithi deputy governor Dr Eliud Murithi Mate of Sh3.5 million at gunpoint has surrendered himself to police in Meru.

Administration Police Constable Josphat Kipyegon arrived at the police station on Thursday morning but denied stealing anything from the politician.

He also surrendered his official firearm, a Ceska pistol.

“He surrendered to us at about 6am. What he has told us is that he just alighted from the vehicle and did not take the bag alleged to have the Sh3.5 million which the (deputy) governor says he robbed him at gun point.

“We are still holding him and l will brief you on proceedings after some time,” said a detective privy to the investigations.

Constable Kipyegon was reported to have robbed Dr Mate on Wednesday at his home in Kinoru Estate, Meru County, .

According to reports, Dr Mate had just arrived at his homestead from Kathwana where he had sold a piece of land when Constable Kipyegon attacked him and grabbed the bag containing the money.

There was a commotion before the constable, who is based at the Marimanti AP Camp, drew a pistol and threatened to shoot him, forcing Dr Mate to flee.

During the 10am commotion, the constable left behind his shoes.

Now that is a fast one!

“he had sold a piece of land…” is a good reason to be walking around with Kshs 3.5M.

ofcourse,juu ni shinny eye

mimi uniibie 3.5 na uniruke hivyo naongea na kina @mayekeke wakumalize .

I think this money was from a corruption deal the officer thought since he had witnessed everything, he thought he would be given his cut. But on realizing that the MP wanted to keep all the loot to himself he decided to snatch everything after all the MP would not report the theft of illegal money. BTW who does a 3.5m transaction in cash? unless you are dealing in illegal stuff

Why was he carrying 3.5 million in a bag? Let’s say a fool and his money…I also wonder why the stupid AP surrendered. Armed robbery is a serious crime and will surely earn him a long period behind bars

he has denied so hakuna armed robbery , then angeamua kujificha flysquad wangempata easily na wangemuuwa . so alitumia akili .

Ive been in the black market and ive learnt all along that deals that involve large amounts of cash, I pull them solo with military precision you would be surprised.

robbery with violence…

Who was the witness ,any clip AP has no case to answer…

Heri afunguliwe boot Kamiti kuliko kuwa kichungi na flying squad.

Hizo heavy police boots zinaeza chomoka kwa urahisi hivyo.

Who accepts to be paid in cash?

@uwesmake has a theory that the AP was kamuaring the wife hadi kwa settings

Infact this is a sex related set up,fisi alikua anakulia hii mwana siasa bibi.

Most likely he wasn’t in uniform.

Ama alinunua Simbaland kwa jumia wakadeliver haraka

@pamba uko sawa?

jameni watu na theories!