AP spec-ops

AP (SOF) operating in Boni forest.[ATTACH=full]372722[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]372761[/ATTACH]


Can these ones resist looting a supermarket or a drinking den?

With a rescued Police officer that was captured and held for 2 wks b4 the rescue.

@Gaza do these mboys have the training and firepower to handle your rustlers?

Kama rustler I careless if they wipe Ur supermarkets empty. I’m more concerned how long em’ kebabs will keep them busy b4 they come out here at the valley for another dance with the devil.

This outfit is yet to be tested out here. They have the fire power, really good training,awesome gear and high mobility I have to admit but we have the tactical advantage still. Nothing we can’t handle. Currently we have a pretty good arrangement with the government tho’.

Nah,kebabs are are a firce to reckon with otherwise hio grouo ingeingia na kutoka . US wenyewe walishindwa. Thoughts and prayers tho to your boys

Museveni knows how to deal with wayward pastrolists…

I wish you guys would meet those Ugandan soldiers muone vile mnaweza finywa kama Burukenge. I think their Kenyan counterparts could learn a thing or two before implementing those lessons huko Pokot.

See their slogan. “We find,We fight,We stand”. Hao vijana wanaangaiza kebabs sana.

Burukenge wacha ufala, cousins wetu Karamajong’ waliangaiza M7 hadi akakunja mkia na kutulia. It would be pretty hard to beat us in our own terrain and we have the advantage of making a tactical retreat whenever we want to fight another day. The dynamics to rustling are not as straight forward as it may seem. No government can get rid of it over a defined period. It’s deeply rooted in our culture and our way of life.To be honest the government prefers to stay out of it … all they do is contain the situation whenever it gets out of hand.

That is partially true about terrain advantage, but what you forget is that trained soldiers with superior equipment will overtime overpower those communities and render that advantage useless.

Case in point. Juzi tu, early this year niliona wasee wa Karamoja protesting against human rights abuses committed by the Ugandan army. You would think such a warrior tribe don’t care about such stuff.

However, I agree that it wouldn’t make sense to go on an all out war with them. Just let them be.

But occasionally, Museveni likes to remind them who is boss when they go overboard with their shenanigans, which is why I still maintain that when Ugandan army shows up huko Karamonja, wao huchapwo kama rabid Burukenges.

Ethiopian Army imeniangusha sana pale Tigray

Militia vs a modern military. Militia stand no chance.

Knowing the current operations going on in Arabal and Sipili against the cattle rustler’s, I can only keep quite.

I was surprised as well. Didn’t expect them to retreat yet the same army had won so many wars from the Ogaden war to Alshabab. Ethiopia sio mchezo

Next time hawatakuja nnchi kavu, but aerial which is more disastrous. Unakumbuka the late Matakwei wa SLDF na jeshi lake lilitolewa ndani ya Mt Elgon caves na " kufinywaaa".

Usitukumbushe story ya Baragoi. It’s a sad story in Kenyan history. We really hate the D minus guys but that day my heart cried for them and their families.

Fungua roho utupe hio hekaya