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No such thing as reformed. Once a hoe always a hoe.

Utoke mboro 20 per day urudi moja yenye hata haiko guaranteed?

@TrumanCapote … thoughts?

:D:D:D:D:D… the hamster wheel is rolling at 10000000000000000000000 nautical miles per hour.

Si kuna villager altetea size 8 ju ameokoka @ShabbaRanks ame summarize vizuri

I don’t think I have much to tell this madam bcz I know Covid 19 has lots of people getting mentally ill. Let’s give her time. She obviously doesn’t know men. She even looks butch if you ask me but hey.

Promiscuity generally is a form of mental illness both in men and women so it’s the same logic you can say that there are reformed drug addicts and alcoholics. According to AA and NA, staying free of addiction is a one day at a time thing. You fall off the wagon you get back on until the day you die because any addiction rewires your beta receptors PERMANENTLY. That’s why I always advice not to start addiction bcz once you start it’ll rewire your system. The other problem is this DNA issue coz if she wasn’t using protection your future offspring will have DNA from her exes. Aoko ni depression inamsumbua. She knows Kenyan men are very simple minded. Actually most men are very simple minded nowadays they don’t interrogate the motivation behind any sensational or populist opinions. Like on YT women have channels that get overnight popularity by appealing to the weak minded Mano sphere. And those lovely ladies are laughing all the way to the bank.

FOR me as an intellectual I like people who challenge my thinking not people who pander to me bcz there’s no growth there. You can say I should listen to that Professor who looks like a cereal killer, whats his name? JT or JB Patterson? But the guy can’t even manage his own mental health how on earth do you get mental health advice from someone who is struggling with his own mental health issues.

Feminists don’t want to get married because marriage as we know it is an institution of subjugation of women. So I guess all you have left is Aoko and her fellow reformed nymphomaniacs. I don’t like to use the bad words unless I am insulting someone’s mother.

BTW what victim mentality does she speak of because I have never seen myself as a victim of anything or anyone and even here I give as good as I get. I kick ass. I took on all the schmucks on ktalk single handedly including that no good demon of a witch who sacrificed her parents who drove several men out of ktalk. I eat balls for breakfast. Anyone who thinks they will victimise me ends up being the victim. I always win. ALWAYS. Fuck being a victim.

I’d rather stay celibate, a feminazi and a retired hoe hakuna difference.

Ati unafuga hii kitu kwa nyumba with the aim ya kureform it, maajabu

Someone said " Feminism is the poison you feed the daughters of your enemies."

Very deep

WTF! So you are an intellectual :D:D:D

Capuzzy vs Aoko
Scores zingekuwa aje?

Jordan Peterson is a fine intellectual… a highly decorated psychologist whose only crime was standing up against bill c-16. I have read him a bit, fine intellectual.

His illness is genetic… but hey

Give the guy I read. I have a few of his books on PDF if you’re interested. He is VERY against most of the things you’re against… Like MGTOW and the group-think that births it.

He’s very exciting… especially his approach to Spiritual matters. Very deep respect for the Bible. He got me reading Carl Jung… I find it refreshing how psychology and science are reaching a consensus on matters of the Soul… something the BIBLE has been condemned for advocating.

As I said, give the guy a read.

Aoko is @TrumanCapote or @chap

Aoko is sister to @Jimit he once put her profile pic as his and he secretly told me that was his sister, I asked for digits telling him I have a business proposal for his sister and he then blocked me

That guy is the true hero of masculinity, and generally sanity in the 21st century… in the face of all the bombardment of far left, far right, and liberal ideologies… Around the time I discovered him, I was also reading Carl Jung and the Archetypes… have you encountered Robert L. Moore?..

I have nothing by Moore… I thought I’d first finish with Jung before spreading out. Any recommendations are welcome, though.

And I do agree, you know you are on the right when you are equally hated by extremists on both sides of the ideological spectrum.

Thomas Sowell is another writer I’d highly recommend.

No thanks I have had my fair share of misogynistic material for this lifetime. I will pass. Yes. Even diabetes and cancer are genetic but people without PhDs know what to do to mitigate the risk. So he’s not getting a free pass from him. Let him sort out his own life b4 advising others.

What was your PhD thesis about Prof? Wait no PhD thesis?  What was your Masters thesis about? Wait you don’t even have a Masters??? :eek: How many non fiction, non mgtow books do you read in a month? On a good month I read 4. How about you? Wait NONE??? :D:DYou can start by reading Noam Chomsky. You can also read books by Prof. Thomas Sowell. Now that this is an election year read the gardens of democracy. Once you have read them come here we discuss. Instead of the garbage we are discussing here.