Aob Afghanistan

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Weird thing is ma Taaliban nima shoga mbaya , they have this dancing boys tradition after which wana sherekea vijana just like leadership in the catholic church !



Biden is a totally useless fellow




Wako na tradition fulani yenye ina involve young boys called Bacha bazi. Kwanza hao old bearded men huwa wanadefile hao young boys vibaya sana.

Taliban was founded originally to oppose the said practice.:D:D:D

Angalia the history of bacha bazi on wikipedia. The irony in Taliban kicking out the LGBTCIA+ empire when it was founded to oppose bacha bazi :D:D:D

What has biden done again…Simjui lakini amefanya nini?

hahaha the irony of American rifles in this photo. Refreshing from the normal AK 47s associated with hostile takeovers

Yeah, it was one of the biggest problems American troops faced when they were trying to train the Afghan forces. Ati the soldiers wanted to bring the young boys to US training camps waka katazwa. So walikuwa wanaambia US forces pia hao they were raped when they were young boys so they deserve to bring and keep young boys as sex slaves:eek:

Google a Youtube documentary called ‘This is What Winning Looks Like’ by VICE, uone just how bad the Afghan army is. Infact one commander asked the US forces who they should rape if they cannot rape boys

Let those sand niggers finish of each other i dont see any way they wilk ever learn.Trump did the right thing when he called for the removal of troops,wastage of funds.