Anything You can Say Has Already Been Recorded

This is in light of a legend, Jonathan Basile, finally having his book out.

Any sentence or phrase that you can say, think of or hear, has already been recorded in a book - not his book but nyingine iko online. It’s called The Library of Babel and has been in existence for a couple of years already. Videos have been made and articles written but you need to use it to really feel how mind-blowing it is.
The algorithm in use is less than 1 MB, but it runs wild compiling every permutation of every letter, commas and fullstops in all the possible ways.
If you head over to you can search for any phrase and you’ll find it along with the page, shelf and wall within which it is recorded.

If you’re still meh about it then tafadhali pitia the image archive section. Yet another algorithm combines pixels in all the possible ways to try and form an image. here’s one: that was purely as a result of pixels mashing up together…

come again in trucker lingo


How can you prove that the phrases aren’t inserted by the algorithm immediately you click search??

Ati mzigo imefokerwo

Imagine, if we can combine letters, commas na full stops kwa njia zote possible. Every single combination, in any language and even purely random nonsense.
There is a site that has accomplished this, imeshikanisha kila word that can be formed. You can even such for a book that has a record of what you ate today… in any language… hata sheng

We use zip-files almost all the times si ndio? Ideally, zip-files do not contain the files you own but rather the instructions on how to rebuild them ndio zikue as usual…
similarly, when you search for a phrase, it triggers the algorithm to rebuild the pages containing all of the specified characters in your phrase and shows you several pages from which you can always refer back if you wish.

The image thing is just beyond me. Imagine there’s a photo of you there just waiting to be discovered.

Mind Blown.

It’s actually possible. It’s called the infinite monkey theorem. Imagine infinite monkeys typing on a typewriter or computer. They could in theory if given enough time come up with solutions to all scientific problems. The problem though is we have to go through all of the material to determine it’s usefulness. Which means infinite time. We can create a machine that could do it, though we also have to prove that it can do it.

It’s a convoluted problem that is part of a category of problems known as the NP completeness problem that has dazzled computer scientists and physicists for decades. If we can prove it then we could also be able to prove whether we live in a simulation or not.

hii ni vitu mimi huona nikiwa high on weed