Anyone with PS4 games willing to sell for cheap?

It’s a boring Sunday. PS4 games are expensive and most have a low replay value - no point of buying new. Anyone out here with a game they wanna get rid of?

Upus, inbox chokosh wa Germany ama chokosh wa x5


From what I gather ‘upus’ == ‘upuzi’ here. Awesome. Like the tag says, am a new villager. Go easy on the lingo, plus, my douchbaggery level is still low. I understand that counts for something here. Sijui chokosh wa Germany ni nani na x5 ni nini. Am not from the city.

Si niliona walileta backward compatibility? Weka za ps3

Get the yearly PS plus membership. Free games every month. But you will only play as long as you are a member. It is only around 5k.

It doesn’t work.

I tried that. The game sizes are ridiculous. I have only ever downloaded one thing on the PS4. A 10GB game update. After that, I keep the PS permanently offline.

Update ps yako basi

Na pia kama huwes afford then game on pc n torrent the games

You had me going there buddy. It doesn’t work. I just did an update right now.

My PC is shit. And I tend to sell games after a month or two so it’s a waste of money.

kalalishe kende…meffi


Look for guys called We Got Game on FB…you can exchange games and rent for 1 think 1 k

Which Games do you have ?

Check them out watakuletea inventory…wako na mob

Thank you, miss! Hopefully they will eventually respond to the messages I sent them.

Will surely check them out bt the group seems dormant last post was last year december.