Anyone Who Marries An Ugly Woman Is G.ay In The Closet

Kuna wanawake wengine wana sura ngumu kama gumboots. There is no difference banging such a woman and banging a man.


Post hapa picha ya bibi yako tuamue kama ni sura mbaya. What you find beautiful may be ugly to me.

Msee, no one chooses how they look.

Again, beauty is in the eyes of the beho…

This is probably an 18 year old posting this. When you marry, it is not for looks only. For someone who has dated a former beauty pageant winner, I can tell you that one gets bored very quickly if her beauty is only thing she brings to the table.


Kenyan beauty peagants are ugly unless ni mhindi ama waria.
I’m reading you as a guy who maintained his taste in ugly mbitches even in marriage, mad respect sir!

Niliambiwa tena sio mara moja , eti huwezi barikiwa na kila kitu…
Kuna mtu aliniambia beautiful women have very tasteless punani, nikama dry ama weak acidic,.ama gripless … Aside yet they have damn ass feelings, hakuna vibe hakuna down to earth syndrome… No spark… Etc…
I havent prooved that yet, so it stands to be a theory to me

Shame on you. That’s the face of a goddes in cholilandd. She could win a beauty contest in choli

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Poa, your case and OP seems like early onset of gayness.

OP ashai sikia beauty with no brains?

Now for those who want to marry hii sura ni ideal, unakula pekee yako. [ATTACH=full]374356[/ATTACH]

Afadhali dem mugly than kunguru

Very True.
I once dated a very attractive blonde girl. Blue eyes, symmetrical facial features and very fit body.
I got bored of her after the 2nd month.
She used her looks her whole life to get into/out of everything, I on the other hand am used to working for all I have
The thing about very attractive people is that they usually only offer beauty, besides that, you probably won’t have someone that you can count on in real life situations and vice versa

Are you defending your ugly wife?

Baniani mbaya…beauty lies in the eyes of the beer holder.

Unajita @Punda na bado unaongea juu ya urembo ?

That’s harsh. Even ugly women deserve intimacy and affection.

:Dhuyu naye io weave ya nywele ya @Punda milia ime mharibu kabisa ile ‘uKienyeji’ angeleta kwa meza

following slowly

Stay in the closet son, and contemplate on the error of your ways.