Anyone who has used Beth Iron Horse 180 CC? I am looking for

Bikes zimepanda bei. This could now be at 200k or thereabout. But I have read a nice review about it here Benelli TNT 150 Review - and I think its worthy

Wacha niamini. But siipendi sijui kwa nini.

alternatively, you can get Honda Tuff bodaboda

go for TNT 180 .its a better upgrade

That ka small thing? I will be bullied even by bicycle riders haha

Wacha nione mahali mfuko itani peleka sasa. I have seen there are options.

Apache ni bure kabisa. Enda Olx uone disposal rate na bei ya disposal.

nmeona cheapest ni 180K olx. which apache are you talking about?

Kuga 150

Fuck bodas! I want that Beemer in the background.

There are mechanics who repair Benelli bikes, Captain motors the dealer has some spare sourcing. For some particular reason i do not like the Iron horse because of the arrogant Beth Mobility brand. Useless people.

You are the first guy who posted a review. The others were bashing it and were not giving reasons. I have tried looking for users of the bike to really see what they say about it but wapi. siwapati

I like it by the way but i dont want 150 CC. I want 180 to 250 cc

get kuga… then weka pesa ununue t7 from that sane lawyer, + quality gear muhimu

Many dead. I lost a coworker. I lost a former classmate- he left 2 kids behind- Very sad and unbelievable to this day, wife and kids broken. Two close friends got severely injured. There at the hospital, they used to call them donors- true tory. That friend of mine broke his shoulder and some when he hit a depression on the road and was flipped. On reaching the ER, the doc pulled him aside and asked him to reconsider that 250 cc because he was the only bike survivor that week. He still rides though.

Don’t listen to too much advice on which motorcycle to buy, this bike is a very good standard sporty-ish bike for economy/ beginners. And know the dual shock allows you to carry loads and ride off road, monoshocks are for sports bike that ride solely on paved roads and unforgiving on bumps and off roads. Also 2 strike have a very good kick in torque, experienced mechanics will tell a 150cc 2 stroke is almost or beats a 300cc 4stroke if all other variables remain the same, watch the motorcross races if you don’t believe, they climb steep heels better but lack the take off speed and top speed. But you’re not a racer, so 120km is hour is safe on the highway…