Anyone who has used Beth Iron Horse 180 CC? I am looking for

Anyone who has used Beth Iron Horse 180 CC? I am looking for some honest reviews from motorbike gurus. Looks like quite an affordable bike that can ease ones movements in these busy streets of ours.


Nice BMW in the background

As long as it has those rear shock absorbers and is a single cylinder four stroke its a crap boda.
A proper bike is a monoshock, single cylinder two stroke, or four cylinder four stroke.

Apana nunua kitu iko na jina kama hii.

Haha jione

Lol. saa zingine ni uchumi inatuskukuma. we all love honda and Kawasaki but look at what our pockets gets us into haha

Katakuwa kana vibrate kama boxer?

nunua TVS Apache 180

Tafuta Benelli in the same price range. But do not buy an Indian motorbike. Alternatively nunua ile Honda ya boda boda.

A luxury bike is a widow maker.

Shida ni Benelli ikiharibika where will he get parts? Can our roadside mechs who are used to Boxer na Jincheng fix an Italian machine?

hakuna benelli in the same price range, the cheapest is 230K

people have been riding for 40 years and are still riding

Mbna mafundi wengi wanaogopa hio honda?Niliambiwa na fundi kama watatu nisijaribu kununua

Beneli is not cheap. Its not at all

Hawawezi kosa ujanja.

These two look similar

A Honda will not give them repair work. When it has a problem, the dealers take care of it.

Apache is more reliable

Benelli 150 was going for 160 K sometime last year or so.