Anyone here successfully conducted an online land search?

I logged in on ecitizen and followed the process until I got to the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning page and selected ‘search land ownership records’. This is where I’m stuck.

I’m looking at my title deed, from where I’m supposed to get the information needed to fill out the search form, and I can’t find any of it on my title. Am I missing something? Apart from the parcel number (which I have), where do I find the information being requested?

Please note:

  • Under ‘Registry’, there are only eight options in the drop-down. Nairobi, Nairobi Central, Lamu, Machakos, Muranga, Kakamega, Kitale and Kisii. Nothing related to Kajiado where the plot is located.
  • Under ‘Registry Section’, there are numerous options but again, no Kajiado.


Since uko kwa portal search nani ndio landlord wa rico, amar ama nairobi kitale bar

You suspicious why

That means Kajiado is still doing manual search. jipeleke huko

Enda kwa lands uangalie ghaseer una search nini sasa online

ata ile option ya sending sms to 40107 is not working.
the solution is to go personally to the ministry or county

Just go there physically or i give you my guy who does a splendid job but at a fee.

As long as you upload the title, it will still go through, only that it takes upward of two weeks. The best and simplest option is to get a guy who can do for you the search, at a fee ofcourse. Fyi, 2k is the going rate.

Leta kazi ni kupeleke makaratasi Kajiado at a fee ama ujipeleke. Nairobi bado watu hujipeleka Arthi House kufanya search.

Its much more convenient, 72 hrs max utajua nani mwenye abandoned blot. Kutoka hapo ucheze kaa wewe…

Ghaseer ni wewe na watu wenyu.

Shukran lakini.

My guy= You

Sina nguvu ya kupanga laini boss!