Anybody here who can help/Advice

Can someone get 1 Acre at Ksh. 150M in this suburbs of Nairobi and environs? Or its not possible,anybody with a clue. I.e Thigiri ridge,Nyari,Spring Valley,Old or New Loresho,…
Niko na client ako serious…am ready to share the commision

Mtu akona 150M haezi kua anadeal na mtu lazima atafute client ktalk. Ataenda kwa office established izi za real estate.

Bishara za mashamba huwa na a very long chain of middlemen,you are already introducing a second one who also has to ask around

He is somebody i know,thats why he came to ask me…

Nini ilifanyikia Lloyd Masika ndio client serious akuje kwako?

hahahahah ghaseer hii unatafuta shamba ya 1.,500,000 dollars KTALK umerogwa

Very possible ziko

Cheki inbox…kuna Mali safi


Not everyone is that informed kaka and also some people prefer asking people they know or have interacted with, he is also my client in a different field so may be i have built trust

This is site has both jokers and serious people. You never know who you’ll find. If it’s a serious client, the property in question is in the market and I have the owners contact too. So no blood thirsty brokers. And it’s also priced lower than your offer at 130mill.

Is the place ideal for a residential place? Does it have a ready title, is it leasehold or freehold?

Umepata?.. kuna ingine kiambu road uko interested? bado?

Thanks, nimepata offers tatu,mbili from hapa ktalk around those exact places nime mention nataka ku pursue hopefully my client will be convinced to take either of this

Yaani uko na shilingi ingi na ingi Wan fefte mirrion? He! Nindamaka