Any woman who poses like this has a high chance of being mediocre

Title is self explanatory.

they have bills to pay. job opportunities are limited. they lack advanced skills and education. mnataka watu wasurvive aje Nairobi?

Hio tako imestunya.

Lol the competition for mens resources is at an all time high… @TrumanCapote calls this rape.

The bar ya umalaya has been set so high saii niko na accounts zenye hupost nudes hapo insta.

You haven’t seen nothing yet. Hii economy ya Ouru issa disaster despite getting all the support from the likes of @ranny

Nowadays we have young women dubbed “escorts” what they make in a day is possibly more than what you make in a one wants to struggle

Hehehe doesn’t apply to me but I get your point.

Nowadays every woman is whoring themselves. The rich ones is coz they’re sex starved the young ones is coz they’re broke. So the rich men can’t fook their wives when there’s a pretty yung thang beckoning. And broke men can’t deal with the attitude and put-downs.

This year alone I have turned down like 12 women already. Just a few minutes ago kuna a 40yr old anajaribu ku-get naughty na mimi kwa DM. Juzi I hanged out with some bank-managers and they were excited like pubescent girls mpaka wanafancy 3some.

Foolish men will go broke by the pussy.

How lucky of you

Uko na ujinga sana. Nipatie contacts ya uyo mama @Mzee mzima nichape iyo vajayjay yake itoe moshi


At the end of the day, I live like a king. I spend most of my money on me and the least fortunate. Last time nilihama the watchman cried. I tip those guys everyday of the week… inakuwa kama mshahara. Mpaka wananiomba wanioshee gari but sitaki gari ioshwe na gunia+omo, gari yangu lazma iende to a decent carwash.
I get treated really well everywhere. Except here on Ktalk. Women are a curse…endelea kulipa rent, kunua jameson and wasting your time. When you get to be my age you’ll never remember those escapades.

Imetosha sasa angoo

Unajiita Mzee but Kama unatumia such terms uko na umama which means wewe Ni mumama muzee jaluo ghassia


Unjauro Kweli ni gharama

So why would you expect faceless mofos to treat a faceless mofo like you with respect??? You are treated nicely out there because of your status

Ghasia pigia hungry tigers wa kijiji pass. This comment deserve a full thread.


Wewe ni kijana mdogo sana kwangu. Na nimekuwa hapa long enough kuona ukichapwa 10-0 by talkers like @G STAR NYONGESA kwa hivo hakuna kitu uneza niambia brare fuckin noogle.

Kwanza umesahau venye ulilia hapa when @deorro alichukua your 10,000 likes mpaka akina @Female Perspective wakakuhurumia? Wewe ndio mumama unalia hadi akina @Njamba Huthu wakakupea a shoulder to cry on. Humbwer!!

That’s the reason I frequent this place.

Fanya hivi enda apo 1824 around 9pm on sato sit next to a table with lots of chicks and some dudes. Nunua red-label 750ml wekelea kwa meza and watch as girls start giving you looks and tryin to start conversations. And if you like smoking wekelea packet ya Dunhill hapo juu. Ukikosa less than 10 chicks trying to hit on you kuja hapa uniite a liar. Choose the one you like best utuletee hekaya apa.

I was in naks the other day nikaenda hapo 7D…uzuri wanakubali smoking coz it’s an open place nilikuwa na packet ya B&H and it didn’t last 1 hour. “Hey can you lend me a smoke?” “Na uko na lighter?” Kuna mwingine hadi her dude alimkujia kwa meza yangu akamwambia waende coz anaona atakuliwa khupipi.

By the time I was leaving there was an intoxicated young thang calling me boyfriend.

Usilete Jina yangu kwa mambo hazieleweki. You know prostitution is rape. I don’t need to tell you. But bcz mumezoea Umalaya na only interactions with watu hawana morals and principles do not think everybody is that way. Poverty is high. What do you expect? With almost half the population living under the poverty line? Blame Chupilee and general immorality in society.