Any virologist to tell us if we really have Corona in Kenya

Virologist in the house. What test is being used to test for Covid 19? Could this positives be a viral pneumonia or even the flu? I’ve been discussing with an international virologist and it’s like what we are having in these parts doesn’t seem to be tallying with what he is telling me. Does Kenya have the equipment and staff to do such advanced testing of the numbers we have been hearing about? What tests are we using? Is it possible the guys dying are dying from complications of other diseases. Flu is known to kill elderly people. Viral pneumonia people with autoimmune disease like HIV, Cancer and the rest. The explanation I’m getting is not like what is on ground. However let’s still observe mask wearing, high hygiene standards and social distancing, even if it’s not yet here, it’s possible for the dangerous strain to be imported here so stay safe yall.


This covid story is deeper than we can even fathom… the test sample collection strategy is not open to the public… only the ‘results’… i think the whole thing is suspect…

If people were dying from road accidents at an incredible amount and government said. Damn stay off the road I’d understand.

Right now we shut down everything. And for something that’s supposedly so deadly. No one in an entire population can even name one person they know or a person another person they know who has died from it.

You might name someone who has it cause false positives though. But deaths… I only heard of one my doctor friend says he knows… But I don’t know who that is.

Its real though. In the first world people are getting hit from it. But I don’t think it’s serious and the lack of deaths make people. Don’t care and think even if it’s real its not here.

I think this thing was a biological weapon from China to the US and Europe to ruin their economy, Africa was just coopted to sell the narrative of this being a global pandemic. That was why it started in China and was resolved very quickly there. Btw how is Russia faring? From the description I got this disease deteriorates very fast once contracted. It affects not just the lungs but all the organs especially the brain due to vasodilation and also causes oxidation in the blood leading to blood clots. The testing must be done by an electronic microscope and it takes virology expertise to analyze the test and categorically definitively differentiate the type of virus it is. The rapid test being used here can test positive for even the basic flu. When the guy explained to me the epidemiology of covid 19 I was mortified, it sounded as bad as Ebola.