Any other good discussion platform apart from ktalk

Hie wadau. Is there any other good discussion platform apart from ktalk in Kenya? An anonymous website where people share and talk without any reservations? Don’t tell me about klist coz that village of senile demented fossils is boring as fûck.

Mbuta reffering to old bonobos senile demented fossils is a classic case of kettle calling pot black

Find another hobby kijana…a real one.

Any group on telekram. Don’t forget to register the simcard using a deceased person’s huduma namba just incase someone tries to truecaller your number.


You have the option of hiding your number on Telegram.

Ni group gani iko Sawa?

Mimi apana jua

Jaribu twirra, alafu you filter your timeline


Butita try wazua, sober minds .

Wacha niingie huko

jaribu onlyfans

Swaffi mkubwa

The star commentaries