Any Jehovah Witnesses In The Village

My post on creation and evolution is meant for relentless, bare knuckled, bloody, exchange…no so with this one. I am willing to discuss your views on the “godness” of Jesus. I am of very different opinions but I seek to understand how you understand it. We can do it via messages if you hate the audience



I honestly wish you were a teacher. My kids need this form of education. I think I want to be able to tell my kids, “Treat ladies with all the respect you can muster but if one is bent over, and you are pushing a car, and you have one spare hand, and she is too engaged to notice, and amebeba, SON THE UNIVERSE IS TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING.”

Why bother touching if she’s not gon notice?

Time. You touch longer if she does not notice. It is like a party you are not invited to, you party longer if you are unnoticed…not that I am an expert in these thing s, I am just saying:cool:

Kojoleani kapsa !

Wacha nikojoe nilale

Enda club ushikashike hadi uchoke - another future advice to your son…

Yehova’s Witness and itanimulli same thing

Elaborate please.

That lacks fatherly charisma

Shhhh… Its Coming from a muslim convert…

So what?

wapi thread ya ule jamaa alienda kingdom hall miezi 6 ku impress dame alafu akapewa handjob pekee?

Alipewa kitu kweli??? :D:DHiyo hekaya siwezi sahau. @emali kuja hivi kidogo

This thread was about JW, kojoleeni tu ni sawa

This thread was about JW, kojoleeni tu ni sawa

kingdom hall

Ile Jehovah watu hapa wanajua ni jehofa Wanyonyi.