Anus Lickers Assemble Here




Anus lickers @Titty Twister @sani @Kalenjin101 mnaona jambass praying for a miracle for his vodoo economics ama mlibebwa tothi bongo mala?

@Ngimanene na matharo you think the handshake government will shit then have Arror wipe their butts? Arror will not save you.

Ndii is getting hit everywhere pale twirra for apparently being a bonoko economist. But how did his policies work in the Kibaki government but seems so lame in this one? Kibaki’s government was fairly austere, while this one seems carefree. Hennewei…

Didn’t jambass claim to have the tissue paper panacea for this diarrhoea?

msidanganywe na mtu, lazima wakenya wakubali kulearn through experience, ndio siku ingine msirudie makosa.

Sasa mnaona ninawaambia ukweli mlibebwo tothi bongo mala na jambass

These public intellectuals are just good at theory and rhetoric, when the rubber meets the roads they are clueless

Si mlisema Uhuru hajui kenye anafanya. Now nabii is going the same route mtasema nini? Faggots @Titty Twister @Abyssinia254 @Berlin Oxford na @mlipuayote ebu kujeni muone.

I warned Ndio that he his idealism doesn’t work when the rubber meets the road especially when the rubber is from Sugoi and nurtured by Moi, Odunga and Kenyatta. He will end up changing diapers for Jambaas and remain with shit from his specs to the Oxford Phd diploma