ANTRUM the film...

Is the movie really cursed?
Is it that those who watched it died shortly afterwards?
Who has watched Antrum?

Kindly oblige us and have your ghost answer these questions…

Let me Google this heading before I make an unfair judgement about your sanity.


I thought you were to watch the film then make judgement pia wewe chifu unaogopa kusonga jongomeo:D:D:D

Nimeangalia Google nikaona kuna kaukweli fulani.

It is believed that,to own this painting is a curse brought to oneself and that your house will burn down. The surprising thing is that ,out of all the houses that indeed burned down,this painting is the only thing that remained…untouched by the flames .Call it voodoo or coincidence,i call it bullsheet.

Antrum has sigils and various occult images being flashed (nanoseconds flashes )[ATTACH=full]303985[/ATTACH]
(This star flashes 170 times)
[ATTACH=full]303986[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]303987[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]303988[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]303989[/ATTACH] subliminally before viewers eyes, kuchanganisha mbogi. Hauzioni per se but your brain works wonders in compiling them

Astaroth, demon goat features mainly in the flashes. Movie iko to meh but weird to say the least