Antifa/BLM punks mess with gun carrying patriot in Albuquerque, New Mexico


Nice !!

Homo_patco hii handle hutumiangi sana kaa izo zingine

@Nanyundo pokea mjulus pole pole kusumbua

That’s self defense in my book.

Armed man shoots unarmed protester who wanted to bring down a slaver’s statue in Albuquerque, 4 TIMES
Doesn’t get more premeditated than that. If you can’t stand the protests, stay in your house.
If you leave your house to chase conflicts with the protesters, carrying a rifle, you have an agenda and that is premeditated.

Democratchieth Wapigwe risasi wawache kusumbua ,

You really a dumb mofo…

Hata video ukiwekewa ndio hio hapo bado ni ubishi za ujinga za peni mbili??!

If you are armed and three idiots attack you threatening to kill you, you will not hesitate utamaliza hao bila hesitation.

I knew you were using your other account.
Nilijua utacomment ujinga using your real handle Patco.

Who attacked who?
Just like the old guy who had a bow and arrow before being beaten properly by protesters, before crying foul.

This white supremacist was going to stop protesters from taken down a racist’s statue. Armed with a gun.
You should read the story not just watch a 30 second clip that has no context.

This case is not clear cut. Even the prosecutor has been forced to amend the charges until further investigations are conclude.
Other papers call him white supremacists but tge local paper does not state it. The only way we will know the truth is when they finally take him to court.