Anti-Prostitute repellant?

So i make it a rule to login atleast once a day on Tagged
Was taking to this kamba chic
asking her what kind of guy she’s into to gauge if she a prostitute
Nigga gotta be careful Tagged imejaa pussy sellers!
She seems nice. Doesnt mention anything about cash
So kama kawaida i take the bird for dinner TRM kama kawa (i pay for the bill)
Tunaelekea kwangu and she is busy drinking all my shit…
So i go in for the kill!
She seems to like my frisking then… ALL OF A SUDDEN SHE ASKS
Immediately i stop touching this piece of garbage and come to my senses…
In my head i am thinking “I gotta ditch this hoe trash!”
I tell her lets go out and buy some condoms and tictacs first! As soon the bitch is through the gate.
I slam the door shut and lock the door.!!
NANI AKO NA Anti-Prostitute repellant??


Na juu wanakijiji wanaongea upuzi ati stories are fake…

chat her on tagged see what happens.


Met her on tagged and took her for dinner. Nie reke gwire.

Am only giving you a like because you passed the level 2 of the game called 'mchele ’

My fren, are you mentally challenged or what? An analogy perhaps. You go to sj to get a phone number for a date (smh) ? As if that’s not bad enough you invited the prostitute to your house? On top of that you were thinking there is some relationship in the offing ?? Wadau huyu in binadamu ama sampuli??


kwani wewe ukimeet mtu mnasimamanga kwa barabara mkiongea?

Napita tu. You really thought umeangukia dame from Tagged?

wewe na mbuzi hakuna tofauti

Badoo,tagged, tinder, etc, zote zimejaa pussy sellers, usiende hapo ukitafta soul mate

Endeleeni na hii ujinga yenyu ya forest …but ile siku mtakuja hapa na hii story ya tagged with a som lady tutamalizana na nyinyi hapa hapa

chezeni huko huko na madem wenu

Jesus is lord

Stop living in disguise and accept who you are. This is you meffi, birds of the same feathers

you mean pay for puss?


You try too hard to push the ‘I am Somali so the rest of you should kiss the ground I walk on’ BS.

Unasema ivo na huna bibi?? Madame wenyu pia walikukataa

Even those poses in her photo are enough to ring a bell and tell you that she is a kunguru, but you neglected those and went ahead to treat a prostitute for lunch at a Mall - which you consider to be a usual thing. I get the picture of someone who is a loop but just keep doing your thing.

Sasa unataka kulia, tulikua na wewe uki log in tagged ama ukikatia muenii. Weak individuals, chukua Malaya yako mkalipane hukooo. Meanwhile keti pale [ATTACH=full]163234[/ATTACH]

Kuna dem msomali nilitoa tinder. Nilikamua DFHKM. Mtaro sana.

An Anti-Prostitute repellent might do the opposite of what you want. Prostitute repellent or just Anti-Prostitute thingamajig. Savvy?