Anti progress dim eyes rioting in Kisumu


They should have formed a Sacco , get shares, saved up and upgraded their small boats to a line of waterbuses… Reminds me of those old Okuyu taxi drivers who used to throng along Tom Mboya Street and opposite the New Stanley along Kimathi street, who tried to figh Uber but failed. Change is the only permanent thing in life.

Change is inevitable. If you fail you will rendered obsolete and you will be exiled to oblivion.

Na wasiposaidiwa huwa wanasema, “We are being marginalised because we are Luos and also because we are in opposison.”

Luos are a difficult people.

It was the same case with Kibera and Waiguru.

Since wakatae Waiguru ni nyumba ngapi au choo ngapi Raila amewajengea since 2015 when Waiguru was fired ???

Wacha wakule ujeuri.

Hate to luos ,kila mtu anaeza riot incase they feel their rights are violeted .sioni makosa .raila for president .

Change is inevitable you must adapt or get left behind

I remember idiots burning down Uber vehicles

Wajaka wamesoma sana lakini reasoning yao ni extremely wanting

Njaruo jinga

I am utterly flabbergasted by we Kenyans. Yaani, in Kenya, instead of us being everyone for themselves and all of us for us all, it is everyone for themselves and none for us all! We resigned ourselves to the disgusting normal of praising the oppressor and blaming the victim.

Why do we let our government do things that it knows very well and well in advance that they will bring a sudden, rude and retrogressive disruption to our day to day livelihoods without first putting adequate and quality measures that should shield us from the potentially inevitable negative effects of the disruption? Wakiamua kurekebisha they just close the road without providing a good alternative detour! Wakiamua kubomoa shanties they just bring bulldozers without giving prior warnings!

But those who were burning Uber were kiuks

No doubt about that!

Free market. Hakuna mtu atalazimishwa kupanda waterbus.

tuko nyuma ya water bus

Njaruo unajaribu kusema nini? That you are being oppressed with a new boat?

So whose reasoning is “extremely wanting”?

Tribal nuts have a superiority complex, they won’t admit their short comings

Shanties always get plenty of notice but they decide to call the gvts bluff, pretty dumb idea