Anti lockdown protests. Britain

President Magufuli must be smiling at this.
Tanzania people might decide to give him a third term after seeing how he navigated them from the lying jaws of globalists.


Ata hapa Kenya tumechoka.
Jana police walikuwa wana-raid clubs at 9 p.m exactly!!!
Imefika point polisi wanarusha tear gas kwa club.
Ujinga gani hii???
Brare fucking!!!

By Henry Makov, PhD

[SIZE=4]The New World Order is ‘Communism’[/SIZE]

Most people think Communism is an ideology dedicated to public ownership and championing workers and the poor. This was a simple but incredibly successful ruse which duped hundreds of millions. The ideology appealed to people who want something for nothing—rather a large segment.

Communism is a form of monopoly capitalism with the State fronting for the monopoly capitalists. It’s no different from monopoly capitalism in the West except that the State is more totalitarian and more intrusive. This is what we can look forward to.

East or West, Communism is devoted to concentrating all wealth and power in the hands of the central banking cartel (the Rothschilds and their allies) by disguising it as State power. (The State is run by witting and unwitting agents of the Rothschilds. When the USSR dissolved, the national wealth was divided between mostly Jewish “oligarchs” who were fronts for the Rothschilds).

Any ideology that further concentrates wealth and power in the hands of the “State” is Communism in another guise. These ideologies—socialism, liberalism, fascism, Zionism, neo-conservatism and feminism—are fronts for “Communism,” and are organized and funded by the central banking cartel.

The essence of the New World Order is Communist. Current events are all designed to increase government power. For example, the viruses that the [I]Protocols of Zion[/I] mentioned over a hundred years ago, and threaten us now, are designed to force people to vaccinate or quarantine. They are tests to see how much government control people will docilely accept. That’s why it’s very important to resist vigorously. My hunch is that this is not the big plague but could very well be a dry run. Amazing how the mainstream media is so certain this is going to be serious.

Hata new year Uhuru alisema utarukisha ukiwa kwa nyumba with your wife and kids. Hio mambo ya kuruka ruka kwa balcony sijui Galileos is no more. Sijui whiskey river… hehe.

Hio first hata hujiwezi, uko unconscious. Your blood is half JW and Tequila.

It’s a major problem nowadays.

Kenyans can be forgiven for being fed up. If Uhuru is serious, he should ban all the political rallies. He should also tell us what happened to the Covid money…The politicians are putting peoples’ lives in danger knowingly. They know the many jobless youth will attend the rallies hoping for kitu kidogo.
Then we will sit up and take note.

Stupid mere mortals …curfew rules must be obeyed

angalia wazee wanastrike …most are middle aged & elderly…hawa wanataka kukufa

These are the real bonobos. They should be tear gassed.

Hehhe pole to those had blacked out

Haha…:smiley: Although I must say, seeing all those people crowded together without masks or social distancing is triggering my anxiety real bad. Foolishness or extreme bravery? I guess it depends on who you ask.

Somebody had a post how Kenyans are not following covid protocol sijui hawa atasema nini

Lies tu…government all over the world are losing their grip on masses we are in the era of political correctness

I have a question. If your govt decided today, to lock down the country, and you’re out of a job. Like your medic job is no more, utafanya?

One positive thing about being a healthcare worker, is that you will always be “essential” any day, anytime. I guess those who are locked down or locked up should prove their utility, how essential they are to society.

Just kidding. It sucks. Human beings were meant to live freely but these are extraordinary times.

If the State is feeding them and paying their bills then maybe they should chill out abit.