Anti GAZA Protestors in London

Herewith another view … :grin: :grin: :fire:

Aren’t Jews some of the best movie producers?

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And your point is what exactly … ???


Production company doing a good job creating these videos it seems. 2 state solution Kila mtu akae kwao. And leave Gaza offshore gas alone. Build your canals kwenyu if you want to stop using suez canal

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  • If the Tunnel footage is a “created” Israeli video , so is the footage of GAZA Bombings and all the corpses on the Streets.
  • HAMAS do not belive in a two State Solution …
    Only in a HAMAS Middle East State …
  • The Suez Canal is in Egypt , not GAZA.
  • GAZA is already on fire - so they dont need the Offshore Gas … :grin: :fire:

Filthy Jewish swines

Israel has just changed their products bar code from 729 to 871 after international consumers started boycotting their products.