Anti-blackness in Brazil's media

[SIZE=7]Anti-blackness in Brazil’s media[/SIZE]

How is Brazil’s diversity represented in the media? Clue: it’s not.

Programme about race representation and the media in Brazil


Charity begins at home. Can you believe the image below is of the same person?

Unataka tufanye nini sasa?

Always wondered why Isaura was so bloody white.

Hawa wamekanyagiwa Chini, at least hawakumadwa kama wa Argentina

Iscrava was Argentinian

if they are 54% of black descent why cant they take over and vote in a black person

Because Black-Brazilian Politicians are assassinated

Kina marcymark budspencer na purple na inferiority complex ni kimoja its a thing lots of black Brazilian don’t identify Africa as their place of origin it has been researched maybe its trueaybe its not labda ni propaganda tupu.