Anthropometry equipment

I urgently need several adult MUAC tapes for an exercise am working on. Does any one have ideas on where I can get this with ease?

Tumia ordinary tape measure and give the values of the cut offs to the people on the ground. However, a polite suggestion, muac for adults will give eroneous results. Use the z score for children above 5 years and above 17 years go for the bmi.
Remember that there is no agreed upon cut off for muac above 5 years world wide hence you have no medical/scientific backing for the cut offs should you go that route

The last time I checked there was a cut off point for pregnant women at ~<22.5. There could be lots of caveats, but I guess there should be studies out there in Kenya that we can use their average cut off I guess.

I’ll use the tape measure as suggested. That’s clever. Thanks

What the heck is going on here

Mkipata hizo adult (Sex) tapes, zianike hapa villagers wang’ae mecho…



I agree with the pregnant women cutoffs. We dont weigh pregnant women for nutritional status. Just muac. But the rest ni z score na bmi… I wish you the best.

Anthropometry ni body measurements basically. Weight, height,mid upper arm circumference(muac) head circumference, waist to hip ratio. And then kuna z score( how much you deviate from the normal) Pretty useful in nutritional assessment