Anthony Joshua Vs Dominic Breazeale is a Mismatch
I have a very strong conviction that this fight is already won. Dominic Breazeale has a very little chance against Anthony Joshua. Breazeale has struggled against old boxers and Amir Mansour knocked him with ease. Breazeale is sluggish and lacks grace in movement with terrible motion, he looks strenuous against small boxers who ain’t half of Anthony Joshua’s level.
On the other hand, Anthony Joshua has dreadful speed and Power. His YouTube archives have established beyond doubt that he’s a beast!! It’s gonna be a big fight for Anthony Joshua, however, I don’t see it going past 4 rounds!! What’s your take guys?? Good day…

“Bum of the month club”

However his opponent hasn’t lost a fight too…so let’s wait.

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The last Joshua fight was made out to look like it was a real contest just to see the nigga put out within 3 rounds. I feel this will be the same. #chatshitgetbanged

When is this fight? Hiyo ya Mansour mbona haiko kwa stats as a lose?

My bet is on Antony Joshua.


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It’s happening today at 21:00 Kenyan time. Dominic Breazeale actually did win the fight because Amir Mansour bit his tongue during second round and couldn’t breathe through his mouth and nose because he got into the bout with a cold. However, according to all the judges’ score cards, Mansour was ahead in all rounds before the pull out!!!

Antony Joshua will win the fight, that’s my take

ION, Fury pulled out of his fight against Klitschko due to an injury.

I don’t like Fury, kame ingiza njeve, would like his ass to get whooped by Dontay or Joshua or just Klitschko,


Betting companies are making a mockery of this fight,

Betin: Antony vsDominic, 1.04-8.46.


Klitschko is not aggressive enough for Furry, I think Deontay Wilder would do the business!!!

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that’s how they normally do it, bizz

I concur, Dontay is quite ferocious and his always on the attack

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I do conceive the return of David Haye to have brought back the excitement of the Heavyweight division!! If AJ wins tonight, he’ll face a bigger next…and its gonna be more exciting!!

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there is a video of Haye in sparring session with Dontay, check it out, he really gave Dontay a hard time and almost knocked him down, I would like to see the weight be that competitive at this exit of the Klitchko brothers

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I sure will and thank you.

Bro tuwekeree wapi ndio fight ishike na mshahara baadae?

Hii lazima niwatch. Sande sana @virus I hope Kodi will come through for me

Good fight for Anthony Joshua, however, it was quite a mismatch. Dominic Breazeale let AJ go for six rounds unscathed!!!