Another Very Good Reason For Museveni To Dump Kenya For TZ

Looters, among them minors, descended on grains of wheat after a cargo train was derailed at Kibarani, Mombasa on Sunday.

They carted away the commodity worth $90,000 (Sh9.1 million) from some two containers - belonging to grain bulk handlers.

The train - which nearly plunged into the Indian Ocean - was destined for Uganda; the captains jumped out when the locomotive became difficult to control.
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But where were the security guys to protect it???

@Afro come here.
What’s the position regarding insurance here?

So, if the accident happened in TZ or UG, there wouldn’t be any looting?

Very silly. Btw goods on transit are always insured

KR will compensate Grain Bulk very fast. Trust me, I know what am talking about

how many bags have you looted or transported?

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Hio picha ungeeka ndio at least hawame kenya waende nchi yenu

It will be chapati ‘n’ mahamri fest.

You damn right, in TZ trains dont derail.

Another Very Good Reason For Museveni To Dump Kenya for TZ

For all we care, Kenya is not GAY. So Museveni can hook up with Maghufool’s TZ

@Jakoyo why don’t you move to Tanzania?

what for? food items from an accident site are legally considered contaminated and therefore unfit for human consumption…

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