another twist to the delayed Mombasa-Nairobi pipeline

[SIZE=5]Controversial project could cost Kenya Pipeline Company billions[/SIZE]

[FONT=Trebuchet MS][SIZE=4]Kenya Pipeline Company could lose billions of shillings if it accepts a demand for additional funding to cover delays in the project of laying out a new pipeline. In a controversial transaction at the corporation,

KPC may have to part with Sh4 billion more if it agrees to a cost variation on the 450-kilometre pipeline demanded by Zakhem International Construction Ltd.

Zakhem won the tender to replace the 43-year-old pipeline between Nairobi and Mombasa in 2014 amid a cloud of controversy of foul play and allegations of being blacklisted in several other countries.

Despite pulling all the stops to win the 484,502,886 dollar-valued tender (Sh43 billion) in 2014, Zakhem has lagged behind the project timelines and was supposed to sign out on February 9, 2016 after 18 months duration beginning on August 2014.

By December 31 last year and after 17 months on site, Zakhem had done 33 per cent of the work and consumed 95.6 per cent of contract time.

“The fact of the matter is that we have not agreed on any contract variation. The fact that they have put up variation claims as set out in the contract does not mean that we have agreed. The only thing we have agreed is variation of time up to September 30,” KPC board chairman John Ngumi told The Standard on Sunday.

In January this year, Zakhem requested a Sh4 billion worth of variation of time and cost. The extension was to run from February to May 31, 2016 to enable them finish the pipeline. They also requested extension of up to September 30, 2016 to enable them finish constructing the pump stations as per the contract.

Yesterday, company MD Joe Sang confirmed that the extensions of time of up to September — for both line and pumps, were granted at no cost.

“Yes it was granted. Zakhem’s new completion date is September 30, 2016. The extension was necessitated by delays as a result of litigation both on the award of the tender and on the supply of equipment, especially the mainline pump sets. No cost. The contract sum is the same,” Sang said.
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Umelaaniwa kaka

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Kumanina Malaya, shughulika na tako lako letu huliwezi lanye.


Somebody is about to get some serious Kickback.

dikteta uchwara

When will these corrupt idiots realize kenya is also their home, their future generations might be affected badly because of their greed. Well kila mtu na mungu wake since our visionless leaders are only thinking of next elections.

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who owns Zakhem?


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