another talker regrets



Yes cheap men pay for slices

Buying pussy takes away the thrill of the chase But on the other hand its the much cheaper route

Economics 101: Demand and Supply.


A ninja will hustle for an entire day, only to get relieved of his hard-earned money by a prostitute. Everyday watu wa mjengo hutoka hustle wanaenda kukunywa tunusu na kutomba malaya. Sometimes I think biology affects how men think by fucking up their brain when they are horny.

Acha kuharibu cycle

Lazima wanaume wanunue hii kitu. This hustle has been there all along.

Broke ass detected. Consult area chief for allocation of 2k Corona government subsidy. Stop taking Corona related economic upheavals on women. Kuma ni Yao sio yenu wakitaka kuuza last time I checked it was a free country kwanza right now demand is very high. Demand drives supply. So you are lecturing the wrong side of the supply chain. If you think selling pussy doesn’t require innovation put up an ad and try kuuza hio mboro yako toothpick we see if you can get even an offer for 5 Bob.

Utapata ninja ameshinda siku mzima offloading cement from a 3.3 halafu jioni akunywe kanusu na atombe malaya abaki bila pesa after working like a donkey.

I hear they call it the oldest profession on earth?

What other consolation would befit a man who is paid Ksh500 per day after doing the work of a Caterpillar grader?

Found him

:D:D:D Ktalk CSI wanafanya kazi :smiley:

That’s the reason we work in the first place,to get by to provide for ourselves,buy food,acoho, pussy etc

Mteso amagoro kuko aje?

My sworn enemy kazi yako ni kurandaranda

Ninja ilinyimwa ikus CL ikaona wacha anyambie ma peddlers. Ukinyimwa nyimika ghaseer:D:D

Mbona ulisema prostitution ni rape ?

Blame it on MGTOW wannabes …