Another Shiny-Eyed From Central Rape-a-Brick of GEMA Bites the Dust.................

In April 2015, Jane Gichuhi invited a high school student into her matrimonial home in Machinjoni Village, Trans-Nzoia County.

Taking advantage of her husband’s absence, she served the minor tea and begged for friendship.


With the cup of tea, the then 25-year-old woman baited and wormed her way into the heart of the then 16-year-old young man.

Weeks later, the bond between the mother of one and the minor, from a neighbouring home, grew stronger and stronger.

Their meetings also became more regular; almost every time Jane’s husband left the home to fend for his young family.

With cups of tea and other bribes, Jane, a businesswoman, managed to narrow the distance between her and the Form Three student of Friends Bwake Secondary in Kitale town.

She moved even closer. Closer than close.


She stopped referring to the minor— whose name has been withheld for legal, privacy and ethical reasons— as “my friend” and gave him the impossible title: “my lover”.

The gullible and defenceless minor gave in.

They started having sex— first in her matrimonial bed and later, other places, including the minor’s simba.

And for this, Jane has earned 15 years behind bars for defilement and committing an indecent act on a minor.

A Kitale court on Tuesday slapped the woman with the tough sentence after finding her guilty of having sex with an underage man.

Although she denied the charges, the court found that she committed the offences between April 26 and May 11, 2015 at Machinjoni area.


The court’s decision followed a case in which the minor was the complainant.

According to the student, Jane lured him into sex in her bed on April 29, 2015 when he visited her home.

He was on school holiday after First Term, he told Kitale Resident Magistrate Grace Sitati.

From there, they engaged in sexual intercourse in his lion or her home.

Not once. Many times, he said.

But while Jane was happy with her side dish and new-found ‘love’, neighbours took issue with the illicit affair.


They reported her to the minor’s mother who in turn informed the police.

The love affair and Jane’s trysts came to an abrupt end when she was arrested and dragged to court.

In her defence, the woman pleaded with the court for leniency, saying she had a family and a young child.

She also said she was sickly and the sole bread winner for her family, adding that she had a lot of business debts to settle.


However, Ms Sitati found that the prosecution proved beyond doubt that the accused had sex with a minor against the Sexual Offences law .

"Mitigation is considered, however, in view of the limitation in sentencing under section 8 (4) sexual offence Act is that I must follow the law,” ruled Ms Sitati.

“Doing the best I can I do is to sentence the accused to 15 years imprisonment.”

Jane, whose photos the magistrate stopped journalists from taking, has 14 days to appeal.

Harry Misiko contributed to this report.


neighbours wako na dryspell ni watiaji sanaa .

Margistrate ako na dryspell ni mtiaji pia on a fellow woman .

finally , NO SNITCHING GRANDPA , huyo boy ni mtiaji umepewa kuma na financial support na bado unapeleka dem wa 25 years kortini ati amekukamua . mimi ninge deny kila kitu na nikue defence witness .


How apt the name of that village ‘machinjoni village’


A boy that age probably alikuwa anajigamba kwa marafiki vile anauma vitu iko na manyoya na wenzake wanameza mate. Just being naive.

There was once a young woman (second wife to my friend’s dad) who tried to lure me for sex…kuna siku tunacheza lifundo (opposite of tango) kwa huyo friend (Ben), halafu mama yao mdogo (the woman) anatuma my friend kwa duka, ati kununua mrenda ya lunch.

Kumbe she was planning kunikatia…ati ‘Epoch si ukuje tulale pamoja, usikie utamu’, I told her kwa nyumba hapana naweza shikwa na baba ya Ben. Akasema…‘wacha nilete mkeka tufanye nyuma ya nyumba’. Just before we signed the deal, Ben was already back from the shop and everything was aborted. I don’t know how he knew…he later told me that ‘mama mdogo alikuwa anataka kulala na wewe’. Just imagine, I was only 16, the lady was around 23. Since then I have never had interest in mabibi ya watu. I feel amused more than annoyed nikipewa K** easily.


Huyo boi atamiss hiyo maku for a looooong time!


Seriously speaking, these laws need to be amended and anybody jailed under them released. It’s one thing to sexually assault a two-year old and another to have consensual sex with a 16-year old. Jail term for the latter should never exceed a year at most.

Assuming that woman has 3 children, why should they be deprived of maternal care just because she had sex with a relatively mature minor? Does the minor she had sex with have more rights than her 3 children?



i agree couchchieth consent age should be taken down to 16 years .


Where were such teachers when I was 16 I literally had a boner 90% of the time !


The problem is the kind of law training our magistrates have. Why cant they use their discretion? The sentence should not exceed 2 years with possibility of parole after one year.


If I was a snitch, a few women would be doing time right now.
There was the 23 year mboch I lost my virginity to at 13. A few other mboches before I turned 15 and my all time achievement,; a married friend of my mum.
She had kids the same age as me and I loved the thrill so much I still wank to her!
I was in Form three and on suspension. Probably the best two weeks of my life.

Maraga and his wakora friends should be reviewing the law on the age of consent for BOYS not meddling in politics.
And I have a teenage son!..


did you read bibi ya mtu ni sumu? still laughing abt that

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At 15 I was so attracted to miss Mutura my English teacher with her big melons. I swear I could have fucked her to smithereens if she made the move. it was mutual but my neck being on the line for pulling the move wasn’t an option. I used to fap to that alot and somehow failed in English. Just see this, we taking Nikolai Golgol and am on the front raw seat just drooling to the low cut top, she calls out 'McFly concentrate on Lestacov and adjusts them melons, a horny grin and sticks at the back of the classroom till my throbbing cock cools off. hayo two kwa sasa.

do we have parole in our judicial system ama ni tu ile presidential pardon

That boy should be shaka zulued,rememember the pointy stake up the poop chute? Why would your rat on an endless coomer fountain?

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Defilement is a strict liability offence where the statutory minimum sentence is 15 years. The only discretion is any sentence above the 15 years.

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The judge here should have used the same thinking of Justice Chitembwe in a ruling given in Malindi. If the minor behaves like an adult, then the law should treat the minor as such. But I bet the good judge didnt want to make the headlines like Chitembwe when his ruling was voted one of the worst in the world.


15 years for a woman, life sentence for a man.

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In high school kuna bwoy alikua analisha cateress mjolobeng. Paul was a hero

one of the worst by who ? you and your mum ama ? jinga ?

When I was in form 3 during exam time we were put in a class that had a raised platform at the front. It was raised about three stair cases high such that if the female teacher invigilating the exam was wearing a short dress or had the habit of sitting like a wanja kihii, the whole class would fail that paper. One young man couldn’t hold it any longer half an hour into the exam, a muffled moan of pleasure was a definite sign he had bust a load. I believe he wasn’t the only one that day.

That punishment to the lady was not befitting the crime.

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