Another rip-off


Exorbitant price, anyway what do I know?

:smiley: Does it also include the lake for that price?

4 mirion usd???:p:oops:

The whole property

Like yes

Yes, but does the whole property include the lake?


400M unanunua Lewa conservative ranch

wild thought…400M could be used to buy the CBK corona bond lately issued and get 35 to 40M anually till maturity

kindly tell us more about this CBK corona bond,hii ilinipita.

I also don’t know about a corona bond, atatuchanua. But I’m thinking the normal CBK bonds 8-10%, that would get you nearly or around 40m for an investment of 400m. A better investment.

hio bond ilipita ivyo but haikukuwa successful to the the govt

these are the results

to educate yourself on bonds use below link

On top of that, opening a CDS account directly with CBK is completely free and takes alot shorter than through your bank. You can walk to CBK and come out sorted within 40 minutes.

White ppl are crazy about such properties. … tigoni ni kwa billionaires kama akina carl tundo . This is eventually sell.

It will eventually sell even if at a lower cost. Actually jungus are crazy about settling in Kenya. Especially the areas around Nairobi and Central Kenya

Thats 8acres,enda ngong road uulizie kakiwanja kiasi tu,400m is nothing boss . If i had the mulla i’d grab it,niigeuze ikue high end gesti or turn it to a wedding venue.or both:D:D

It has been a wedding venue for a while. Its probably not making good money.

Apart from safari rally Carl tundo Ni birionea aje?